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arrakis_savior's Journal

Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Paul Atreides.

Emperor. Prophet. Connoisseur of pudding.

"We must take care that we do not ascribe undue importance to chance in the affairs of men. Just as the human mind is a kind of cause-and-effect generator, so is the indeterminacy of action and reaction a concomitant force tending away from predictability. Hence the ramifications, the fundamental, because consciousness is like a big box, so you've got, say, an animal in this box. Who wants another beer?" -- from Mauve'Bib, The Incoherent Ramblings, compiled by the Princess Serutan

(Ellis Weiner, National Lampoon's Doon, p. 107)
concubine, getting rid of irulan, melange, pudding, sandworms, take my wife please